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With a keen ear for the funky and a heart for the feel-good, relentlessly pursues new sounds and re-imagined favorites. Launching hearts into clouds and inspiring asses to shake on dance floors.


Passion. Disco funk. Electric beats. will leave you sweaty and breathless and feeling funky fabulous.

Founding member of Electroluxx - the immersive, multi-sensory, art-and-danceparty collective changing the face of West Coast nightlife with interactive dance, art, and music experiences. From its homebase in San Francisco, to LA, Seattle and beyond, Electroluxx is the collaboration of hundreds of musicians and artists across all mediums who physically transform spaces into tactile, interactive art and dance wonderlands.

Electroluxx Dance Party ft. Fred Fal
Electroluxx & PW ft.Andy Butler- Her
ELECTROLUXX LA: Fred Falke, Kristina
Electroluxx Chill AF Day Party
Sunday Mass Pride at The Chapel ft.
Electroluxx Sunday Mass is Back!
Electroluxx presents: YACHT / Ryan K
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